Orthopedic shoes for children with hallux valgus

If you have hallux valgus, then the problem requires a comprehensive approach. Of course, holistic treatments involve massage events and gymnastics. But this is not enough. Necessary sandals the special design, which must be worn at all times. Simply put, necessary orthopedic shoes for children.

Such problems are solved by the doctor of orthopedic profile. He will choose this child orthopedic shoes that is the most ideal option. These shoes will hold reliable fixation of the ankle joint.


What is the problem?

Diagnosis of such diseases is already possible at an early age, when only just formed the musculoskeletal system. Stop appearance may change significantly, if the child to wear was incorrectly matched shoes. This is due to the fact that bone is not yet formed, and the muscles weak. In the ranking of prevalence of diseases this pathology occupies not the last place. Such pathology may be accompanied by any person, both adult and child. But in the pediatric age group it occurs still more often.

For the first time this disease was described 1 Hallux Valgus . It decreases the arch of the foot, and further bent her axle. The result is this picture, which is expanding out the heels and feet, and in the middle sections of the feet is observed lowering. If there is such a situation, no orthopedic Shoe is simply not enough.

What are the causes of deformed feet?

If the problem is not to pay close attention, there will come a time when ligaments will not work correctly with all the ensuing consequences. Will appear in rapid fatigue and pain in the lower extremities. The child with this pathology will never walk right again, and, especially, running. Over time there will be atrophy of the foot muscles. In the end, the child may be disabled.

Doctors there are several causes of pathology:

  • Congenital disease, the occurrence of which lies at the genetic level.
  • Pathology of innate nature, which can lead to rickets or injuries.
  • Wrong selection of shoes worn by the child.

If the pathology was congenital, therapeutic activities are carried out prior to start of walking of the child. The main cause of illnesses in the majority of cases it is the shoes that are matched to your child such negligent parents. For example, a child wears sandals that have a footbed inside the flat, and the back part is of a soft nature. These shoes will bring the kid only harm.

Types of orthopedic shoes for children

Now you can find a great number of Shoe products that are specially manufactured for persons with deformity. Choose a model in quite a wide range. You can select options like preschoolers, and schoolchildren. In the shops of the model presented barefoot, sandals, shoes, sneakers. There are options that have high or normal heel. The best way of selection of shoes will be the choice in accordance with the instructions of the doctor orthopedic focus.

To use serial shoes running when the deformation has a weakly pronounced or in the etiology is the place a genetic predisposition. Correction of deformed stop using shoes, which can not only eliminate the defect, but also to implement preventive measures.

The shoes are produced only from natural materials, having high qualitative characteristics.

Advice on the correct selection of shoes

Orthopedic shoes for hallux valgus of the foot for children must meet a number of criteria that must be taken into account when buying it:

  1. 1. Sizes orthopedic shoes for kids should be such that the leg it should be free. The best option would be one in which the distance from the inner surface to the toe will be one centimeter.
  2. 2. The Cape should be characterized by breadth and spaciousness. If he carries out the compression of the legs, such shoes is better not to take.
  3. 3. The sole should not be too hard. Otherwise, you may develop flat feet. In the area of the toe shoes should be easy to bend.
  4. 4. The insole should not be too slippery in nature.
  5. 5. It is desirable that the shoes had insoles-insoles. It correctly detects the baby's foot, ensuring uniform distribution of load on the muscles. This will help to ensure that further deformation of the foot will not occur.
  6. 6. Shoes must be fastened by Velcro or tie to the laces.
  7. 7. Pay attention to what material is made shoes. Leather needs to "breathe". From this it will be less sweating.

The treatment of hallux valgus involves the duration and complexity of events. But we must persistently and persistently to advance to the goal. And the result will certainly be and will serve as a reward for all the efforts. The complex action is the use of these shoes. There are quite severe cases, which require complex orthopedic shoes for children. The performance of all of the events you can actually avoid the need for surgery.

Corrective shoes and its features

Now the external differences of the special sandals, boots and other shoes from the standard variants are almost there. They look very similar. Gone are the days when a child had to wear special shoes, which in appearance differed significantly from the normal samples. Despite the fact that these shoes has similarities with the usual options, it has several characteristic features:

  • In such shoes is a reliable fixation of the ankle and heel joint. Special design achieve correction connect the individual bones. All this will determine the circumstance in which deformation stops.
  • Corrective model is easily distinguished by the presence of high tibia. It is fixing the top and bottom of the ankle.
  • All models insole is removable in nature. This ensures correct display of the longitudinal arch of the foot of the child.
  • In severe pathology made footbed-arch support. This is carried out in special laboratories. All parts are made individually. When the instep is made, carry out the account of all the anatomical projections. This is no ordinary insole of foam.
  • The use of orthotic heel Thomas can achieve the prevention of eversion of the foot inward.

What gives these shoes?

Using such kind of shoes in General, the condition of the foot there have been significant improvements:

  1. 1. Ceases to deform the joint.
  2. 2. The joints can be properly after a certain period of time after the start of wearing orthopedic shoes.
  3. 3. Wearing such shoes prevent pain disappears heaviness in the legs.
  4. 4. Little patient for the better change state your psychological status. It differently looks at life, as when walking it nothing bothers.

Preferably, such shoes to wear not only outdoors but also at home. Soft Slippers can be replaced corrective sandals. Thus, the patient will only accelerate the time of recovery. What should be the ratio of regular and special shoes - determined by the doctor-orthopedist.

Seasonal shoes

Winter orthopedic shoes for children.

Approaching cold, and parents are faced with the problem of selection of shoes for your child. First of all, of course, shoes should warm the baby's foot in the cold. In addition, it should be convenient. Orthopedic shoes are fully able to solve the tasks. If you have even minor problems with the foot and orthopedic shoes just needed. It will help to prevent a variety of unpleasant consequences.

Such a Shoe needs to be frame elements. You must have shoes, hard insole. The sole should be light bending. The heel should be small. The heel remains stable forms. Hard heel should be no folds and seams. Orthopedic shoes for children 4-5 years of age must have a high heel. In this case, stop the crumbs will get a secure fit. Tight fixation will eliminate the possibility of dislocation in the fall.

Summer orthopedic shoes for children

Such shoes are a great preventative measure to prevent deformation of the foot. This baby will get rid of many problems in adult life. Wearing such shoes leads to formation of a proper set of legs, preventing unwanted deformation. Her leg will not get corns. Summer footwear consists of sandals, shoes, sneakers, other special Shoe products. The choice is very wide. Everyone can choose for themselves what best suited him. The main thing - it is necessary to choose only high-quality shoes.

The company producing orthopedic shoes for children

Currently there are quite a number of manufacturers who are engaged in the production of such products. Some manufacturers have completely earned the trust, releasing only high quality models.

Preventive measures

There are a number of children who are at risk. These include:

  • Kids born weak and premature at birth.
  • The contingent, which includes children with a history of pneumonia in the first year of life.
  • Persons in childhood with severe forms of rickets.

The lower extremities of the baby, as the child in General, parents should pay close attention. The child may have different disorders, if the mother during pregnancy did not take multivitamins, her diet was meagre and monotonous, its appearance on the air was observed very rarely. What number in the body of the mother during pregnancy has received the vitamins and minerals depends on the state of the musculoskeletal system of the future baby.