Conservative methods of treatment of valgus deformation of the big toe

Orthopedic disease, popularly known as "bone on foot" is called "valgus deformity of the big toe". Many believe the phenomenon unpleasant cosmetic defect, but, in fact, in the joint develops inflammation.

valgus deformity of the finger

Bursitis of the big toe can be cured without surgery at an early stage of the disease, while negative changes were not irreversible. The delay in the visit to the doctor often leads to the need for surgical intervention.

General information

Bone on foot - slightly aesthetic education, aggravating the appearance of the feet, causing discomfort when walking. A patient suffering bursitis of the first toe of the foot, can not wear beautiful shoes, while driving, there are painful sensations in the feet.

Valgus deformity is not merely a defect, it is a signal of metabolic disorders, irregular way of life. The main category of patients - women aged 45-50 years and older, often, obesity and endocrine disorders.

Recognize orthopedic disease is easy: when valgus deformity of the first finger is bent and looks inside the joint protrudes out. The stronger the degree of damage, the more "sticking stone". When I degree of pathology of the angle of deviation of the big toe is 15 degrees, with II - 20 degrees, at III - 30 degrees. The offset of the 1st finger at the fourth, the most severe hallux valgus, is more than 30 degrees.

Important! Negative changes in the metatarsophalangeal joint not happen in one day, the patient may notice the first signs of bursitis, see a doctor. In severe stage orthopedic diseases of folk methods, orthoses and pharmacy drugs ineffective. The older the patient, the less the chances of success of conservative therapy.

Why does bunion

Doctors have identified two main reasons for the development of articular pathology:

  • the factors of occurrence. If you have them "bone on foot" sooner or later will occur;
  • risk factors. If their presence increases the likelihood of developing bursitis of the big toe.

Patients often don't know what's usual occupation or lifestyle are the cause of orthopedic disorders. The sooner it will become clear what causes the valgus deformity, the easier it is to give up some habits, to reduce the risk of unpleasant, painful education.

Factors of:

  • the weakness of the metatarsal joint because of the deformation of the foot;
  • failures in metabolic processes;
  • failure, pathological changes in the tendinous apparatus.

The combination of negative factors leads to a change of the angle between the first and second metatarsal bones, dislocation of elements of the foot. Head sticking out of the knee - this is an ugly "bump" that protrudes under the skin cover.

Risk factors:

  • long wearing uncomfortable, tight shoes, high heels. Incorrect position of the foot gradually causes deformation of the 1-th finger;
  • weight. Extra pounds increase the pressure on the joints worsens the condition of the lower extremities;
  • violation of metabolic processes. The deposition of salts of uric acid, diabetes worsen the condition of the musculoskeletal system;
  • features of the structure of the foot, for example, the first metatarsal bone of greater length than is necessary;
  • genetic predisposition. Negative changes occur when the genetic pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, improper metabolism, identified immediately after birth;
  • arthritis and arthrosis of different etiology in the chronic form. Long-term pathological process affects joint health. Negative factors against the background of joint diseases often cause ugly "bone";
  • old age. As the aging bones become more fragile, leached calcium, production of synovial fluid is reduced, increasing the abrasion of the articular heads and cartilage. On the background of degenerative changes increases the risk of deformation of the metatarsophalangeal joint;
  • transverse flatfoot. The defect is more common in women. Incorrect position of the foot does not depend on the type of footwear, cause - congenital joint abnormalities.



At the first sign of valgus deformity in the thumb area, the majority of patients self-medicating. In the course are miracle creams, medicated baths, plasters for resorption pits, and other methods.

Sometimes the deformation stops, but often the disease progresses against the background of negative factors, deteriorating health of the cartilage and bone as before. Only an experienced doctor will examine the problem, develop a treatment plan.

Diagnosis of the disease, therapy, pathology, surgeon or traumatologist-orthopedist. When bursitis often requires the assistance of an endocrinologist, and therapist.

Methods of treatment without surgery

Conservative therapy is effective at 1 and 2 degrees of hallux valgus. Will need a maximum effort from the patient, discipline and strict compliance with treatment guidelines. Traditional methods are ineffective, compresses, baths, home ointment slightly reduce inflammation, reduce pain, but the basis for them to take with you.

Important! In the absence of adequate therapy of orthopedic pathology goes into a heavy, 3 or 4 degree develops osteomyelitis, swollen feet, painful corns appear, suppuration. In advanced cases, large angle offset of the 1st finger patient has difficulty in walking, movement deliver excruciating pain, buy shoes often ends in a nervous failures because of the complexity with the choice of suitable shoes or boots.

The emphasis is on the following methods:

  • special exercises. The main goal of physiotherapy is to strengthen leg muscles, increase the elasticity of the ligaments, prevent venous stasis, promote blood flow in the capillaries. Complex physical therapy will show a doctor. The exercise actively involved the ankle, toes, knee joints, the patient should point my toes, move my fingers. Effective popular exercises for the legs: "Bicycle", "Scissors";
  • weight gain. The appearance of extra pounds is excessive pressure on the joints, cartilage. When a large weight of the patient suffering from "bones in the finger," need to lose weight back to optimum performance. Proper diet plus physical activity are the main methods of struggle with a high body mass;
  • orthopedic shoes. Another required element of conservative therapy. The doctor will individually pick a soft, wide shoes with special "glass" (hard device) for the thumb area. At constant wearing special shoes the development of "bones" is suspended (for the success of treatment also need to implement the other provisions of the medical plan);
  • wearing the orthoses. Special orthopedic devices that help early bursitis of the first toe. Modern retainers return the first finger in the usual position, greatly reduce the size of the "bones". Many experts recommend locking gel Valgus Pro brand at different degrees of orthopaedic pathology. With a small deflection angle valgus deformity will gradually disappear in the more severe stages, "bulging bones" is considerably reduced;
  • medicines. Relieve pain, reduce inflammation will help non-steroidal anti-inflammatory compounds, hormones for intraarticular injections, analgesics. Some orthotics and exercises ugly "bone fingers" can not be cured, if the inside joint inflammation develops. Baths, wraps with medicinal products and herbal teas are less effective than the treatment of the patient's joint from the inside.
The emphasis is on the following methods

In some cases, surgery is needed

When severe, 3 and 4 stages of pathology, the thumb shift is 30 degrees or more conservative therapy has a positive impact on the state of the problematic joint. Brightly-marked valgus curvature - the reason for the appointment to the orthopedic surgeon.

The operation for excising the painful "bone" has long been deleted from the list of dangerous, provoking serious complications. Modern methods return the patient to the joy of movement, removed the ugly hill on the side of the foot without severe consequences for the organism.

Common methods of surgical intervention:

  • Chevron-osteotomy. Effective method of correction when the angle of deviation to 17 degrees;
  • minimally invasive correction of curvature. Jewelry work requires high qualification of the surgeon. The method shows excellent results even in severe forms of pathology;
  • the scarf osteotomy. The technique corrects the position at different angle of deformation (17-40 degrees). The method provides for the fixation of phalanx of great toe titanium screws after manual correction of the displaced bone.

After surgical treatment the patient is undergoing rehabilitation to restore functions of the foot. Recommended to wear special shoes in the afternoon, the mandatory imposition of a special splint at night, taking painkillers and antibiotics for the prevention of inflammatory processes in the operated region.

At exact observance of the methodology 3 weeks after surgery, the person returns to normal life, forget about the discomfort when walking and pain syndrome.

Preventive recommendations

Congenital anomalies of the foot and hereditary predisposition factors, the effect of which is to prevent impossible. Age-related changes can be corrected, if a person keeps a healthy lifestyle, monitoring the health.

After studying the list of causes of valgus deformity in the region of the first toe, it is easy to see: it is possible to mitigate some of the factors to prevent the development of orthopedic pathology. Surgeons and orthopedists suggest you to monitor the musculoskeletal system, in time to pay attention to the first signs of inflammation.

Preventive measures:

  • therapy endocrine pathologies;
  • selection of the optimum heel height for long wear;
  • the rejection of habit "wear" tight shoes;
  • exercises for legs, exercises to improve elasticity of ligaments;
  • physical activity;
  • the fight against excess weight;
  • correction of flat feet, wearing orthopedic shoes;
  • proper diet, slowing down the aging process in different parts of the body, including the musculoskeletal system.
Preventive recommendations
Conservative treatment for valgus distortion of the big toe will be successful if timely treatment to the doctor. The bumps on the side of the foot is not only ugly and inconvenient, but also dangerous for your health. Than before doctor will prescribe treatment, the lower the risk of complications and surgery.