Experience in the use of Valgus Pro

This story was told to Alessandra from Rome (Italy). Woman shared problems that interfered with her daughter to live fully, and how the retainer Valgus Pro helped to cope with all the difficulties.

Experience in the use of a latch Valgus Pro

A daughter was born perfectly healthy baby, but by 5 years old she has already had a noticeable weight. The whole family was happy that her appetite is good, and everyone liked her cute chubby cheeks. I was worried, because he believed this to be a problem. In first grade, we stood on the account at the endocrinologist with the problem of obesity. Was the nutritionist, the joint efforts of overcame the extra weight, but the consequences remained. Due to heavy loads on the skeleton's daughter developed transverse flatfoot.

As the problem with the deformation of the bones of the foot prevented my daughter live

Pain in the feet and knees severely bothered her, and my husband and I suffered beside her. Walking with peers it was hard for her, since a long walk then turned into spasms and severe pain that kept her from sleep. But then the problem of flat feet increased deformity of the thumb. The lump grew, and eventually the daughter started to limp. To choose the right shoes was a real tragedy, because the conventional model, she did not fit, so had to make shoes to order. With graduation approaching, she began the real hysterics. Not only that, she couldn't dance a waltz together with all the classmates, and the heels she was contraindicated.

How we managed to overcome the issue with the bones on the legs

One day when I was sitting in the clinic in a queue on reception to the orthopedist, spoke with mom. She told me that her son's problems with the joints, and I shared our diagnosis. Then she said she, too, suffered from bunions on the foot, and it really helped Valgus Pro. Well, I decided, why not to try – the clip is not such big money. Bought, began to wear, and in a few weeks I noticed that the daughter goes smoother, and she said that the feet less tired and the pain less intense. Exercise a reduced flat feet, and wearing the corrector for 2 months had completely restored the natural position of the thumb.

In the end, we made for the daughter of an exception and bought a very beautiful prom shoes, let small, but still a heel. Now suggest Valgus Pro to all my friends, because the problem bone on the foot is quite common and very unpleasant. Perhaps in a more adult time a full recovery will require more, but that thumb back in place and the bone will completely disappear, that's for sure. How grateful I am that woman that told me about the latch Valgus Probut unfortunately, as with her more and met. But I decided to write this review to maybe, someone to make life easier.