Valgus Pro Retainer

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Because these orthopedic devices have a special elasticity, they securely fix the thumbs of the feet, giving them a correct anatomical position. To use the clips Valgus Pro easy for people of any gender and age. It is necessary to insert in the holes the thumbs up to the stop that the products fit snugly to the foot with the sides. During use of the corrector is critical personal hygiene: regularly required to wash feet, trim nails and cuticles (at least for the thumbs). To improve the efficiency of the use of clamps, you can optionally use a special cream that will make the skin of the feet softer. If you decide to buy the latch Valgus Pro, the package will include two orthopaedic goods, so you can remove the bones of the thumbs on two legs.

How to use the clips for big fingers Valgus Pro

To fully heal this unpleasant disease, you must apply the correctors for the thumbs for a minimum of 4 months (with an average degree of neglect deformation and complex treatment of the disease). After 3-4 days you will feel relief (disappear pain come inflammation), thus we will not have skin irritation or some allergic reaction. Note that the first 1-2 days you may feel some discomfort when wearing the retainer Valgus Probut then your feet will get used to these orthopedic products and you will not even feel them on my feet in narrow shoes.